Our Column in Paranormal Underground Crystals & Herbology:

Mystical Etchings From A Medicyn Woman’s Grimoire


Michaela Rand, also known as Silvermoon Medicyn, is a medicine woman and

metaphysician who works closely with awakening souls to balance the dark and light within

each person.

Her areas of focus include neo-cosmic shamanism with a focus on Hoodoo and emotional energy healing.

Michaela is a symbiotic psychic vampire, as well. In her work, she uses transpersonal therapy


energy psychology, working with tools such as crystals, oils, acupressure, rattles, and herbs

to help bring about healing.

Vicki is Michaela’s business partner. She works in a medical laboratory by day and loves to explore

various spiritual pathways and occult topics in her free time.

She helps craft one-of-a-kind creations for Silvermoon Medicyn and

assists in vending herbs, oils, and stones.